Abdomen Acne ADD ADHD Affected Area Allergies Allure Analgesic Anise Anti-infectious Anti-inflammatory Antibacterial Antidepressant Antifungal Antimicrobial Antioxidant Antirheumatic Antiseptic Antiviral Anxiety Aphrodisiac Apply to Chest Apply to Feet Arnica Arthritis Asperger's Astringent Autism Avocado Oil Avoid during breastfeeding Avoid during pregnancy Awaken Blend Back Pain Balsamic Base Note Beeswax Behind Ears Bergamot Bliss Blend Blood Orange Bug Repellent Burns Calendula Flowers Calm Blend Calming Camphoraceous Caraway Carrot Seed Cedarwood Chest Chest congestion Chest Cough Children 1 & Up Children 2 & Up Children 5 & Up Children 12 & Up Cilantro Cinnamon Leaf Cinnamon Sticks Circulation Citronella Citrus Clary Sage Cleanse Blend Clears Sinuses Clove Clove Bud Cocoa Butter Coconut Oil Cold Cold Sores Comfort Blend Concentration Congestion Coriander Cough Dandruff Decongestant Deodorizer Depression Diffuse Digestive Aid Dilute Dilute and apply Disinfectant Distilled Water Diuretic Do not apply undiluted Do not use with alcohol Dried bilberries Dried Echinacea Dried Elderberries Dried Hibiscus Flowers Dry Skin Earthy Eczema Eucalyptus Exhale Blend Exotic Expectorant facial toner Feet Fennel Fever Reducer Fir First Aid Floral Flourish Blend Focus Focus Blend Fractionated Coconut Oil Frankincense Fresh Fresh Blend Fresh Ginger Fruity Gas & Bloating Geranium German Chamomile Ginger Grapefruit Guardian Blend Harmony Blend Headache Helichrysum Herbaceous Hiccups Hormone Balancer Hot Hot Flashes Immune Stimulant Improves Respiration Inhale Joint Pain Jojoba Lavender Legs Lemon Lime Lowers Blood Pressure Mandarin Marjoram Massage May cause Photosensitivity May cause sensitization May cause skin irritation Memory Menopause Menstrual Cramps Middle Note Minty Moisturizer Mood Swings Motion Sickness Muscle Spasms Nail Fungus Nausea Neroli Non-irritating Non-sensitizing Non-toxic NOT FOR USE WITH BLOOD THINNERS Olive Oil Oregano Pain Reliever Palmarosa Patchouli Peace Blend Peppermint Pets Pine Piney PMS Psoriasis Radiata Raw Honey Reduces Mucus Relief Blend Resinous Respiratory Health Respite Blend Restless Leg Syndrome Restore Blend Roll On Roman chamomile Rosehips Rosemary Rosewood Safe for Children Sanctify Blend Sandalwood Scars Sedative Serene Blend Shea Butter Silent Night Blend Simulates Blood Flow Skin Healing Sleep Aid Snoring Solace Blend Soothe Blend Soothing Spearmint Spicy Spot Treatment Spray Spruce St. John's Wort Steam Stimulant Stimulate Circulation Strength Blend Sunburn Suppresses Cravings Sweet Sweet Orange Tangerine Tea Tree Temples Throat Thyme Tooth Ache Topical Top Note Tranquil Blend Trauma Oil Uplifting Vanilla Vegetable Glycerin Vetiver Vitamin E Warm Warts Whole Cloves Witch Hazel Woody wrists Ylang Ylang