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1 year 11 months ago

This is my first time using oils in my electric diffuser. I would like to know more about the oils and how they work and help you. I don’t like to just pick something when I have no idea what it is helping me for or is it just for the smell. Thank you in advance you advise you can give me on this.

1 year 11 months ago

Hello Sharon – so sorry for the delay in responding. There has been a bug with WordPress that didn’t allow me to see the comments for the past week!

What would you like to accomplish by using essential oils? Are you looking for aroma, or are you looking for a particular therapeutic benefit, such as calming. This will help me narrow down where you might light to start! You can also email me at 🙂



Essential Oil Starter Kit – 100% Pure Essential Oils

Contains lavender, lemon & peppermint.  Available in 5ml and 15ml

Heaven Scent Aroma Shop

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Bottle Size

15 ml, 5 ml


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